The Dying Gaul

The Dying Gaul

Year of Production: 2007

Genre: Drama  / Romance

Cast: Golden Globe Nominee PETER SARSGAARD(An Education, Shattered Glass, Jarhead); Academy Award Nominee PATRICIA CLARKSON (Far from Heaven, Shutter Island, Pieces Of April); CAMPBELL SCOTT (Music and Lyrics, Singles, Dying Young, The Amazing Spider Man I&II)


Festivals & Awards: National Board of View, Sundance F.F.

Synopsis: Robert Sandrich’s (PETER SARSGAARD) life changes when he is offered a million dollars for his latest scripts, his most personal work – ”The Dying Gaul”, The Raw, autobiographical story of the death of his lover.  But the studio thinks the project will be much more commercially viable if Robert will only change the dead lover to a woman.  A grief-stricken screenwriter unknowingly enters a three-way relationship with a woman (PATRICIA CLARKSON) and her film executive husband (CAMPBELL SCOTT) with chilling results.