Stolen Life

Stolen Life

Director: Ornıtsa Sofıa, Peter Valchanov, Pavel Vesnakov

Cast: Luiza Grigorova, Eliza Bone, Desislava Bakardzhieva

Year of Production: 2017

Genre: Medical Drama

Synopsis: Watch as a promising young surgeon begins to climb the ranks of Bulgaria’s most prestigious hospital. Meanwhile, he falls for his female colleague, who happens to be the girlfriend of his biggest rival. What he doesn’t know though, is that at the same hospital 33 years prior,his life was changed forever. He was switched at birth with another baby due to his potentially fatal heart condition, and by who elsebut the general manager of the hospital…his biologicalical father.

Every hospital brings drama, but the drama in this hospital cannot be compared. The relationships that are born, built and broken inside these walls will take viewers an an emotional journey as they become involved in every heart-grabbing scenario.




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