Beyond The Trophy

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Beyond The Trophy

BEYOND THE TROPHY_TR from New Films International on Vimeo.

Year of Production: 2012

Genre: Action

Cast: MICHAEL MADSEN (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol 1); ERIC ROBERTS (Dark Knight Rises, Heroes); MICHAEL MASINI (Grand Junction, Passions TV Series); ALI COSTELLO (Shamelove); EUGENIA GUSEVA; ROBERT MIANO; ANDRZEJ CHYRA;EUGENIA GUSEVA;Samaranda Nicolau


Synopsis: TROPHY tells the story of men’s obsession for power and how far they will go sometimes claim the “Prize”. TROPHY adds a new twist to the stereotypical mob movies in that the TROPHY woman gets more than the usual benefits of rolling with the Bad Boys, she gets Mr. Right. TROPHY has twists, turns, showdowns, seduction, humor, the power of the Mafia and the reality that dreams really do come true.