Frame Of Mind

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Frame Of Mind

Year of Production: 2009

Genre: Thriller

Cast: 2-Times Golden Globe Nominee CHRIS NOTH (Sex&the City, The Good Wife); CARL T.EVANS (Beverly Hills 90210, Walking on the Sky);  ARIJA BAREIKIS (No Reservations, Tenderness);  Academy Awards Nominee BARBARA BARRIE(Breaking Away)

Director: CARL T.EVANS

Synopsis: Desperately seeking a new start, NYPD Detective, David Secca (CARL T. EVANS) and his pregnant wife escape the struggles of New York City and return to their hometown in New Jersey.  He reluctantly takes a job with the local Police Department.   His priorities abruptly change when he stumbles upon a mysterious strip of 8mm film, discovered accidently in an antique jewelry box.  Things really heat up as it becomes obvious that he found a key piece of evidence in the Kennedy assassination.