Game 6

Game 6

Year of Production: 2005

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Sport

Cast: Golden Globe Nominee MICHAEL KEATON (Live from Baghdad, Batman, Bettlejuice); Primetime Emmy Winner CATHERINE O’HARA (Home Alone, After Hours, For Your Consideration);Golden Globe Winner ROBERT DOWNEY, JR Iron Man, Sherlock Holme, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)


Festivals & Awards: Sundance F.F., Provincetown International F.F., Nantucket F.F. 

Synopsis: As a New York playwright Nicky Rogan (MICHAEL KEATON) made his name on the boulevard in comedy and how has ventured closer to home writing something he really cares about. Though he won’t admit it, he’s desperate for another hit play. But things begin to go very badly. His wife wants a divorce; the lead actors of his play can’t remember their lines and a destructive critic emerges and terrorizes the theater community.




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