Grand Theft Parsons

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Grand Theft Parsons

Year of Production: 2003

Genre: Comedy

Cast: JOHNNY KNOXVILLE(Jackass The Movie,Father of Invention,); CHRISTINA APPLEGATE (Samantha Who, Married With Children,The Sweetest Thing); Academy Award Nominee ROBERT FORSTER (Jackie Brown, Lucky Number Slevin); GABRIEL MACHT(A Love Song for Bobby Long)


Festivals & Awards: London F.F., Sundance F.F., Dublin F.F., Nat F.F., Nashville F.F., Titanic International Filmpresence Festival

Synopsis: When former Byrds member and influential country-rock star Gram Parsons (GARBIAL MACHT) dies in the middle of the night, it is up to his best friend and road manager Phil Kaufman (JOHNNY KNOXVILLE) to fulfill his last request. He sets out on a mission to steal Gram’s body and burn it out in the desert that they loved so much.