Catalogue, FIlms


Year of Production: 2008

Genre: Horror

Cast: ROBERT PRALGO (My Fake Fiance, Shooting Gallery, The Mandala Maker); COURTNEY HOGAN(The Mandala Maker); SUNNY LA ROSE(Leftovers); JEFFREY SCHMIDT(Prison Break)

Director: PAUL MOORE

Festivals & Awards: Brussels International Fantastic F.F 

Synopsis: Janine is a young woman on the road to a new life when a freak accident strands her on a deserted highway and a call for help soon becomes a fight for survival. Stalked and tormented by a psychotic tow truck driver, Janine soon finds herself trapped in a world of torture and depravity, imprisoned in a cellar and given only thirty days to live!  Janine must contend with both the ghosts of her past and the demons of her present in an effort to survive.