New York TV Series Season 2

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New York TV Series Season 2


Director: Ariel Benbaji

Cast: Oshri Cohen (Agora, Lebanon),  Yuval Scharf (Lost Islands, The Wonders),  Itay Turgeman

Year of Production: 2013-2016

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: NEWYORK tells the story of a group of young Israelis living in New York City, who get involved in dealing drugs at the service of the Elcharizi crime family. The second season begins with Yossi Elcharizi, youngest (and favorite) son of Jacky Elcharizi, the boss – disapearing after failing to follow through on orders he got from his father– orders that were supposed to get Jacky and older brother Reuven out of prison. Yossi has been living under an assumed name in Wisconsin, working as a real estate broker and is engaged to be married to Mia, glad to have left his life of crime behind him.  When a mysterious international organization called Pax Romana get into the picture – the delicate balance of Yossi’s new life is interrupted and he is forced to relapse into a life of crime in New York.




catalogue, Tv SerIes