New York TV Series Season 1

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New York TV Series Season 1


Director: Ariel Benbaji

Cast: Oshri Cohen (Agora, Lebanon), Yuval Scharf (Lost Islands, The Wonders), Itay Turgeman

Year of Production: 2012-2016

Genre: Drama 

Synopsis:  Yossi Elcharizi, the son of a notorious crime family boss, arrives in New York to escape his past while seeking a new future. He connects with a group of foreign workers, whom he  feels are being exploited. Unwilling to accept their “second class” treatment, he sets out to change heir circumstance. In his quest for justice, he finds his true calling.

Festivals & Awards: Winner of The Accolade Competition for the “Excellence drama program/series 2012” 


catalogue, Tv SerIes