AFTER THOUGHT Trailer from New Films International on Vimeo. Year of Production: 2006 Genre: Horror / Thriller Cast: Gwendolyn Garver (Reality Horror Night, Folie À Deux);  Peter James(Goodbye My Friend, Family Of Four); Cal Thomas(The O.c Tv Series, Meeting A Bullet); Kristian Capalik(Shamelove, Soneone To Love) Director: Douglas Elford-Argent Synopsis: Seven...

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Fortune Defies Death

 Year of Production: 2017 Genre: Crime , Mystery Cast: Julie R. Ølgaard, Justin Ray, Shelby Lyon, Emily Anila Shah ,Evan Boymel, Jane Edwina Seymour, Jack G. Davis Director: Jennifer Hulum Festivals & Awards: "Official selection ofc Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival" , "IndieFEST Film Awards - Award of Merit." Synopsis: The Woods family...

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